A ‘Simble’ Girl

‘This is how I want her to be’, the man spoke passionately.

She listened to his dream. He was young, his parents wanted him to get married. He, preferred someone from ‘nadu’, his place, Kerala. ‘They are the best’, you know chechi’, he said.

‘Besides there is something about our culture in Kerala, right, he added, though he has been to Kerala only on Summer vacations so far, ‘that is what I am looking for. I like when the typical Kerala girl looks down shyly, you know….’, I nodded encouragingly. ‘Hmm….’

His fantasy.

It was a pretty picture of ‘her’, a woman who could laugh with him, a’simble woman’ he emphasized. She is to be un-spoilt of the city vibes.

The picture of a village belle who was unambitious and unassuming but smart enough to walk with him in the path of life, naïve enough to worship him as a super hero, was what seemed to allure him.

A ‘simble woman’ who cooked delicious food and waited eagerly for his approval.

A beautiful young girl who preferred sari to the modern attire, whom he could protect and take care of, enjoy showing the real world, the mean world of which he could talk to her and watch her listen to him in amusement.

Th e girl has to worship his simple down to earth parents, he did not forget to add, should wear her culinary skills as an ornament. ‘Also my mother, chechi is like a goddess, she really is , have you met her?’

‘No’. (thank god!)

‘I would love to take her around the streets of Bangalore, ‘I don’t think she will be able to go around alone, and it will be fun for me to show her around and show her off too, to my friends, whose wives I find are not often in their control. I have observed that these women laugh too much and too loud, and the dresses they wear, I need not even say.’

‘You know our girls look good in traditional as well as modern clothes, have you noticed?’

‘Really!’ I looked at him surprised.

‘Last month I had been to my town, we have seen a few girls. One girl I rejected outright, she wanted to know my salary, you see, straight away, on to my face, must be a spoilt one.’

‘Then there was this cute girl, even the ‘jatakams’ matched but she wants to go to work. Now I am all for freedom and equality, but I said, we will see that later, since she is educated Masters that too, what is the problem, if I feel the need or my parents agree, I will send her to work. But that can’t be a demand right!

Somehow I felt uneasy with her. Too much attitude.

I am a single son chechi, whatever my parents have is mine, there is nobody to trouble her, still, all these conditions, irritate me, really’.

‘I am sure there is such a girl, chechi, like that old chirpy Manju Warrier, someone who will love me unconditionally, as I am with all my flaws and we will have a beautiful married life.’

‘Somethings take time, that’s how it works, right?’

‘So go and stay in Kerala, no for a few days, who knows your girl might be right there?’

‘Yeah, it is too humid or too rainy, that’s the problem, then my Malayalam is not that great, you know right’.

‘Ok. Good luck then, keep me posted’.

Ps: Simbly dreaming