Walk in and out

Take time. Test a few. Walk in and walk out. Think.

Wait for your dream partner, but explore as you wait, true love is bound to come.

The young man good looking and eloquent spoke of his mantra of love and relationships.

It seemed to her like a test ride.

She listened carefully but she had to wonder how it is about hearts, to peep in, stay and walk away, it must take a lot of heart, and cause a lot of hurt.

Perhaps it is a generational thing.

Perhaps it is just a defense, a mask, a put on.

Yet, she said, ‘I am sure there is someone for you. Being so eloquent, a man of words, young, ambitious and handsome to boot.

Try not to walk in and out of hearts.

Try staying to connect.

Try to find meaning.

It’s your staying that will make it different, for yourself and for her, your girl. ‘

This was not her usual confessing student but a friend from sometime, someone between an acquaintance and a friend maybe, yet she said what she had to say.

‘Was I being prejudiced? Was I judgmental?, asked Anu fearing if she had over stepped the boundary.

‘None’, said I. ‘It is for him to decide. You just shared your perspective. It is ok. He asked and you spoke’.

I looked at her and thought how she was wary of putting her emotions where it would hurt.

Must be her experience.

But where will she go, without starting at all?

I said nothing fearing that I might cross the laxman rekha myself!

Then I saw her smile so positive and knew it is all just fine.

Maybe I am overthinking!, I chided myself.

PS: Just friends


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