Meenu, the Meemi-I

Meenu, the meemi lives in Puttenahalli Lake with her mom.

Last month her dad was abducted from the lake waters when he was performing a stunt for Meenu and her mom.

Dad was one of the handsomest of men around. Meenu’s mom always told her of how much he ingenuous his courting was, and what all stunts and styles he pulled off, to impress her. Mom said that she would not have married him had he not been so persistent. ‘Oh! thank you, mom that’s why I am here’, chirped Meenu as mom smiled on.

But it was not easy for the couple as many of Meenu, the meemi’s siblings died out of indigestion,breathing trouble and even cancer. Mom said that Meenu, was the bravest and she was meant to carry on the family’s legacy forward and that’s why she is still alive.

Meenu smiled at her pretty mom. Beauty, she is, this woman, kuchi kuchi poo, she kissed her mom’s belly and tickled beneath her fins. Mom smiled.

These days the loud noise of a faraway rumbling does not allow her and mom to speak, this is on top of the many other threats to their lives. Mom feels weak. She does not talk much now.

Neither does she smile these days after her father’s disappearance. ‘It has never been easy for us, to survive or have a normal death. ‘ Mom murmured sadly.

Meenu’s dad was a learned man, he often told of how the humans were pushing all their dirt into the water. The lake has dwindled over years, he noted from his gene memory. It may just disappear. ‘They don’t realize that to keep their air and water clean, they need us, fools!’

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Meeu, the meemi @Puttenahalli Lake
Pelicans at Puttenahalli Lake, Yelahanka, Bird Sanctuary, pic by Kousik Nandy, 2004

Scholarly article on Fish mortality in Bangalore Lakes–O01sAw

Meenu, the meemi urges all to keep a tab on the developments in the water bodies around you, especially the Puttenahalli Lake,Yelahanka.

‘Sometimes, just come and sit by the lake, don’t carry with you items to litter but just yourself and a friend maybe. Sit and listen to the waters, the fish, the birds and know that you have the power to let me live :-), Meenu added, ‘not all humans are bad, are they?’