And the blue god said

I made you at the first of dawn

picking shades of sun to clothe you

from black, to deep blue, to light, to golden

I chose every tender shade to color you

I breathed wind into your chest

and carved your ears from the

music of the birds

I borrowed from the sky those eyes you behold

to enable you to see me, and the rest of you

I molded you in the fire of desire

dried you in the longing for love

enabled in you the power to reign

a mind to devise

methods to scale thoughts

reach out to spirits abound

I kissed you on your lips

and set you afloat

in the river of life for you to thrive

sometimes be thrashed, tossed

battered and bruised

I knew you would survive

knowing how well I made

each breast of yours in loving care

your slender neck and eyes so bright

your waist sometimes tiny, sometimes not

your hips to bring forth life

your legs to carry your sweet love around

I knew you will falter but never fail

you will doubt but never give up

you will love and be loved

giving and receiving love, joy ,wisdom and pleasure

in equal measure

I knew you, my beloved

my heart’s content

my bliss

when you reach your journey’s end

your sparkling soul will azure shine

and again you be mine .