Professional Learning Network or PCN, ‘C’ for Crying

Coz she’s a student again

for good or bad who knows

She chose this path

and now she is stuck

what brought her here

will not get her there

much struggle awaits

eats into the poor brain

sneaks into the sleep

makes her a total wreck

now all thru’ her life

she held a few hands steady

patted a few backs many

put a smile here and

gave a shoulder there

now when she’s on this journey

she needs a helping hand for sure

a shoulder to cry

an ear to hear the woes

(mostly her fears)

‘a paper not done’

‘procrastinator number one’

the teacher is angry

the student is bewildered

what got her here

is madness for sure

now if you may

friend, bystander

curious onlooker

or cursory glance-r

if you have the gumption

the grit and the notion

to help a student

quick to learn

as to have fun

to read and to forget

to write and be merry

to check on progress

without censure

be kind enough

to step in

afterall they said

world is one family

or so she has heard

knowing she is mad

knowledge that there are others madder

comforts her

if in kind censure and critical advice

you excel,

if times weigh on you

and you have an ear to lend

write to a soul

tangled in pages, theories and more

this is a request

so drop in a hi and bolster a soul


you shall be visited by bounties galore

When the degree comes

and if she is still sane and sturdy

a treat for you is for sure

if not well, consider your time wasted and sorry aforehand!

PS: Professional lamenting, a wise woman said, ‘all doctors are mad’, maybe!


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