Study Buddy

So there I was breaking my head and a part of my heart over nothing when Sudha called,’ So, what did you do so far?’ .

‘What’, asked I.

‘Your studies girl’.

‘Oh! Ohk!’

‘hmm doing it’.

‘So I am going to register for this thing, it’s a must now right . Now I am going to pester you, and you call and ask after me, ok’, she said.

‘Ohk, done’

‘Now answer my question, you have started the work or still idling?’

‘No, doing it actually have the draft ready’.

‘So send it to your guide and get approval. Don’t sit over it ok’.

‘Ok’, said I still unable to believe my luck.

So, there she is my study buddy.

‘love much’

‘much love’

done, dana done!

Sudha explained to me the need of a study buddy. ‘So when we were studying in school or college, we were doing just that,studies I mean and still how distracted we were. The support or the interest of a friend in our progress did motivate us, right’.

‘Now studying when life is full swing, with so many things going on in different directions, it is sure going to be more difficult, even when your intentions are right and you are still somewhat bright’, she laughed.

‘So, now I am your study buddy ok, so what if my subject is different from yours, doesn’t matter’.

‘I am going to do my PhD at Indian Institute of Science, no less!’

‘So, your job is to inquire after me and keep me motivated’.

‘Ok’, said I surprised and much pleased.

‘I will be calling you, ok, now get back to some good work!’

Oh, wow, I thought, ‘ Who told her of my dire need?’

I was reminded of a Sudha here and a Sudha there in all my study tasks.

At school in Seventh Day Adventist School, Kaniampuram, the beautiful cherubic Sudha who loved sports and spoke animatedly. At Government Victoria College, Palakkad, Sudha with pink cheeks and sprightliness that kept us so glued that we were called soul sisters and now a Sudha so spirited that she is going to change a few things! Whew! Life!

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