A half packed bag

A half packed bag

looks ahead

waits for tickets

restless thumps feet

checks dollars

no rupees, mostly coins

to travel to mumbai, meri jaan, vada pav

to delhi, mera dil , parotta gali

to kolkatta for rasogulla and some noise

to goa for prettiness

to Indore straight to chappan

to dehradun for solo hills

to pune for the mold of the old

to kodagu for the coffee

to chennai for the mridangam

to calicut, mera dadkan paragon

to palakkad, mera bachpan

to trichur, kavu, koothum

tilting sometimes to

lands outside

it looks forward to fly

to scoop some oil

to shoots in texas

to cycling in Netherlands

to fashion in Milan

a half packed bag

rages mad

in the half rooms

living life in parts

and buries itself into a book

a purr is heard

part life. part fiction. portly fantasy.

A little ‘Rashmi’ in my soul

When I see this beautiful girl egging on the viewers to bend it like Beckham and twist it like MJ, with a smile on her lips and eyes so sparkling clear, I am more than tempted to follow.

Infact, yoga sessions with Rashmi Ramesh are more like dance sessions, touching and awakening those old dance dreams that I smile to myself thinking how I can make some health while still looking at this wonderful person and her charming ways.

And just like your Linkedin, which always soothes your poor ego saying, ‘it was not you, it’s our fault’, everytime it fails to load something, the lady tells you every time with her mischievous wink , well, almost, ‘ It’s not your body but it is your mind that is stopping you’, or if you can’t touch your feet, go touch your ankle, your calf or your thighs, ever so kindly that just for her you want to bend a little more.

This does remind me of the student who studied and passed his exam, only because, Julie mam was his English teacher or some of the naughty boys and girls who would come and tell me, ‘ you are our mentor no, we had to study otherwise what will happen to your name!!!’ that is at the same time so endearing and funny, and that too from students in grade 12.

Or in the typical ways of kids, ‘just because you told me I did it, how could I disappoint you!’

Such gems of experiences at teaching and training that fill your heart with gratitude.

Anyways, I am so smitten with Rashmi Ramesh and her yogalates that, she is my new role model, and I could not have ever had a better one, the fact that she is younger, way too, younger to me, makes it all the more interesting.

As I do yoga with her in the mornings, in the house that is silent except for the purr in between, I feel happy, content and find the smile, that vanished for a short time, firmly planted on my face again.

So good bye to all the film stars, who anyways did not make up to my walls as posters, and the sport stars who were too high and mighty to be my role models, here is the charming girl whose youtube videos I have recently become a die hard fan of.

Will this translate into a fitter, slimmer, sexy me… well, ain’t I already!!!!



May be an image of 1 person and smiling


കാവ് പറഞ്ഞത്

കാവ് പറഞ്ഞത്

കാവാണ് ഞാൻ എന്നെ കാക്കണം നിങ്ങൾ
എന്റെ പുഞ്ചിരിയും സംഗീതവും കേൾക്കണം
നിങ്ങളൊന്നു വന്നെന്നെ കാണണം ഇടയ്ക്കിടെ
എന്റെ മർമരങ്ങൾക്കു കാതോർക്കണം

ഒന്നിടക്കിടെ എന്റെ വഴിയോർത്ത് ;
നിന്നെന്നെ കൺകുളിർക്കെ കാണേണം
എന്റെ ഹൃദയതാളമൊന്നു ശ്രവിച്ചും
പടുവൃക്ഷ തണലിലൊന്നു ചാഞ്ഞിരുന്നും

ഒരു പുല്കൊടിയെയൊന്നു തഴുകിയും
പാറി പറക്കും പൂമ്പാറ്റയെയൊന്നു മോഹിച്ചും
ഒന്നു നിൽക്കണം രണ്ടു നിമിഷമൊരു നേരം
ഒരു സർപ്പമവിടെയുണ്ടെങ്കി-
ലൊന്നു വന്ദിക്കേണം

ഇത്തിരി നേരം കാത്തു;
എൻ കുളത്തിലൊന്നെത്തിനോക്കി
ഒരു കൊച്ചു മുല്ലയെ
ഒന്നനുമോദിച്ചു വേണം
ഈവഴി പോകുവാൻ
കാത്തിരിക്കാം ഞാൻ
കാവാണ് ഞാൻ
എന്നെ കാക്കണം നിങ്ങൾ

Solitary Learner

Sitting at home now rather empty of the chirpiness of a young person, I look out at the lake almost drying up, the chorus of birds who never seem to stop their eloquent songs and sounds, perhaps trying to reach those who are waiting with an axe to cut down the last tree, I think of how I am sort of getting used to separation and solitude.

When my eyes wander and meet that of Andrew’s, he purrs in return and comes running to settle down next to the lap top. Andrew and his inquisitive tail have their nose everywhere, literally everywhere.

He goes to my daughter’s room and purrs and comes back to me.

But I am kind of getting used to myself and even liking it.

When you reason it out, separation, like, everything else becomes easier to accept.

So when you know that your child is making her future and you can’t be grumpy because you are selfish, you tend to smile at yourself.

When you know that the man you had in your life, taught you a few tricks of living, you are not complaining or victim playing but gracefully and even happily accepting the happy reality that you can get on with life.

When you know that the professional, ‘so- called’ injustices, opened your eyes to long side-lined tasks of greater value, you feel thankful.

Coz some parts of your soul awaken with love

some with pain

some with the slow release of controlled agony

some more with hope, hiding in the corners of your heart

waiting for a let out

‘let me be’

‘let me be’

‘I too shall find love in living’

Coz there are places aplenty

people a dime a dozen

experiences ecstatic

in waiting….

The universe kindly smiles and lets you to learn and relearn, till you learn and learn it well.

My Littleone does not want to come home

‘My son, he does not want to come home. He hates me. Everyday after reaching home, I have to spank him to get him home. He just want to be at my sister’s place, really’.

‘Does that hurt you?’

‘Yes, very much. I feel bad’.

‘Do you tell him stories? Do you play with him?’

‘No, once I go home, I have to cook, clean, finish stuff, I don’t get time to spend with him. Earlier, he used to play with my mother-in-law, now she too does not show any interest, nor does he.’

‘Tell him a story everyday. Bake something special for him. He is a kid, he needs attention and love, so give it. Leave everything else and sit down with him’.

‘hmm, he likes my sister more!’

‘Do you feel jealous of that?’

‘Yes, but because I am busy I try not to think about it, it hurts me though that my son does not spend time with me! actually I don’t spend time with him.’

‘My child is a young adult, yet he needs me too, that is not demanding, it is just their showing their love,so be with him, give him your love, set your priority’.

‘Maybe I should cook something special for him, I had him after so many years, everything I do is for him, still I have no time for him’.

‘Yeah, good we talked today, I will be with him more, listen to him and try and play with him even!’.

Ps:#working mom

Better together

‘You don’t look yourself’, the young lady, stopped to take a longer glance at her senior.

‘This is not how I saw you always. What happened, what is going on?’

‘Why are you like this?’

‘Do you know you inspire me, I have never talked to you but from a distance, I have always watched you.’

The senior stood quiet, a bit stunned and taken aback.

The young lady was talented, a writer and a professor of great merit.


‘Yes, mam, you are a strong woman and I look up to you. Life is not easy mam, but I want to be strong like you.’

‘Don’t come like this, get back to your original self, please’, the girl implored.

The senior stood quiet, a flurry of emotions racing through her mind.

As she walked ahead she asked herself, ‘Is this true?’

Sometimes it is good to see yourself from others eyes, the eyes of those who don’t censure you because even when you know you are a fighter, a cheer from and a cheer from there does not hurt.

Sometimes it is great to see someone stop by a little longer to hear you out, it is like, ‘I know there is hurt, just get it out’, so they come with little pieces of advice and suggestions, ‘ self care’, ‘have fun , you see that is what you should do’, ‘ net work, hmm, that is the mantra of the day’, ‘ go on, travel, why not?’, ‘ call me, let’s talk’, ‘ come, come, just come out with me!’, ‘chalo, this movie is great, let’s watch it’, oh! wow, how do you manage to look so good!’, stuff that comes out of sheer goodness, a large heart and concern for another human being.

So, when she sees a fighter herself, she does not fail to go up and say, ‘hey, you are doing a good job! I admire you’. Sometimes it is a student who has captured amazing pictures, a song writer, a speaker, an entrepreneur, an aspiring writer, a future film director and so on, sometimes it is a colleague who stays back after the class to clear a few more doubts even when he is missing his lunch break, at other times it is a friend who manages to fight back or extend a caring hand to someone in need, ‘hey, what is there, mam, that is life right, to help each other’, the simplicity of human spirit enthuses you to look bright everyday, even when the skies are clouded.

So, who did you walk up to, to say a good word today?

‘Ps: Team spirit not just in Gabba!

Creative company

You just need two to tango! Seriously, the annual exhibition at Daly College, Indore was our time to unleash our creativity.

With Aditi at my side, I never had to look further for support.

Once I said ok, let’s get a pot, a clay pot, we can do something.

‘Chalo, chalo,’ says she and off we go and get a clay pot.

Then to the carpenters at the college and get a wheel to put the pot on.

With a scholar’s hat on it, our exhibit was ready.

Then I suggest, ‘treasure hunt karein’, ‘chalo, chalo’, says she.

We rush to the carpenters and they craft a little castle. To reach the castle and get the gift, we arrange many hurdles of vocab tests, word origins, phrases and what not. Lo! there is a rush at our site again.

Once it was ‘The Mid Summer Nights Dream’ that caught my fancy. A little blue box with shimmering lights, and some the support of students, we did exactly that.

A mega television box with film posters rolling on, to the grammar tree, our ideas always engrossed us so much that we often forgot lunch.

But when there is good company, work is so much a pleasure, so it was with my dearest friend, Aditi at Daly College, Indore.

Creative Companion

Taka dhimi Taka JaM, Jam

‘Learning can happen anywhere,’ I reason.

‘What is the need to go?’

‘Here or there, how does it matter?

I gulp the uneasiness in my throat and laugh.

It is difficult to let the bird fly when all you want to do is to hold, hug, hold closer.

‘Little bird, little bird, don’t fly away, not yet, not now’.

But it is true that life has to go on and separation is inevitable.

The little bird has to go, build a nest and make a home.

A new home.

Where you being yesterday, can not make house in tomorrow, so said Rumi.


Such is life.

Such is living.

Yet hope, keep the hope of love, of belonging.

And says she…

‘Now you don’t need me no, hun!’

‘Adopt, it seems, adopt!’

‘You are mother of all children, that child, this child, her smile, his talk…oho’

‘Ha..ha.. boyfriends also, hun…. What life!’

‘Outings also’


‘Yappa, plans!!!’

‘I want to see where all this goes, how far’

Rolling eyes


‘Don’t say you are busy, when I call, woman! hun!’


Then taka dhimi taka jam

and a purrr!!!


So, what is bothering you?

Is it the work, the overload of it?

The lack of clarity in life ?

The lack of love?

Or too much of it????

Tell me.

Long talk…………………..

Ok, in all this talk you never talked about yourself.

Do you see that?

Are you not important to yourself?

Yeah, of course, why not?

I am most important.

Hmm. Good. Think it out.

We will talk again.

Oh! ohk!

Actually, I am cool, super cool, really.

Next week then

Bye, remember to be your best friend.

Ohk! I am already I am.


Bye, for now!

PS: Overhearing