Pocket Empowerment and Okhai, An ultimate fashion destination

So empowerment must be something that is huge, intangible, takes years to happen and has a governmental sort of sound to it…some abhiyaan may be.

But true empowerment I discovered recently pocket sized or pocket shaped.

So what can a pocket do to empowerment?

First and foremost, it sets your hands free.

Secondly it takes weight off your shoulders.

Thirdly, it keeps you free of that great impediment to female swinging of the hands, meaning the shoulder bag!

Yeah truly, many a hand has been tied for years to a stupid bag that carries the most useless and much lost kind of items.

I can’t tell you how delightful it has been for me to be able to put my hands into my own pockets and pick up a pen, a coin or a debit card.

Voila! life has since been happier and lighter and to my some times naive mind, fashionable even.

So all the Kurtis I have been splurging on in my annual season end sale kind of shopping have been pocketed in style.

I want pockets in saris that wonderful anciently fashionable feminine attire, and pockets in kurtis , in skirts and pants and dress and yes, just everywhere possible!

Now is this too much to ask!

So, my favorite find of recent times has been Okhai for everything from its name to, its style, to what it says it stands for. So Okhai dresses, it is, stealing the heart and stealing the show, pockets, beads, cotton and all.



Where as the claustrophobia of the ubiquitous Jeans as a comfy fashion garment seem to wear off, the refreshing floral designs on cotton in flowing forms empowered with the pockets seem to beckon.

So, look out for Okhai! and say hi!

ARE YOU SICK? How to unsick?

Not really.

Sick, how funny?!!!

When Anu reached out to a friend, seeking some company and comfort,

She was asked, are you sick?

In the hindsight, thought Anu, it must be a certain kind of sickness, to

seek and not to be heard and to seek again.


It has been a fun journey so far.

She looked at life through the prism of an observer.

She thought of life and its many turns and somersaults.

Her inability to socialize and have new friends and her meaningless

clinging to the few , she thought she could count on.

But why?

Well, said Anu, I am like this, ‘sick!’, ha…ha…ha…

There have been times of wanting to give up.

Of just packing up and disappearing into the unknown, some third

level…just like that.

Sometimes Anu said, it is the inability to communicate and the

incapability to be understood.

Sometimes, it is merely claustrophobia of life situations….inability to

breathe freely.

Sometimes it is acute loneliness, a global phenomena, yes, but a very

personal experience.

Then work, just work to forget pain, and then pain and the cycle endlessly.

But also the learning, the growth, the change, and the many joys of work.

Anu looked at herself and found the distance she travelled has had a telling effect on her and


Because the world is in pain, worms, birds, animals, waters, the very air is

in pain, such pain that even the skies can’t assuage them.

In such pain, amidst such suffering, what is one man’s sorrow of not being

understood, it is nothing against acute hunger of so many children.

So, relax, you are good, Anu told herself.

You are very good. In fact you are fortunate.

Very fortunate.

Cause your blessings far outnumber your grievances or would your smile

stay so long?

Just keep up the smiles.

Much is yet to be experienced, including the finer emotions, the nobler

ones, the crux of all life and living.

Many roads await a traveler quaint and curious.

Many stories wish to be retold.

Many souls await the reaching of a mindful listener.

So keep the hope.

The universe has been demanding, a ruthless teacher, relentless in her

teachings and that has helped. How beautifully it has changed you.

So be grateful.

The struggles have made your soul more beautiful, helped you to judge

less and be kinder and more compassionate.

So find your strength in expression, in deeds, in words.

Life helped you shed quite a lot of inhibitions.

It taught you that self reliance is worthy and appreciable.

So strengthen self.

To travel, to meet new faces, to have fun, to write and to read.

Even to build, to hold and help.

Because you are capable, loving and kind.

There is hope for you, love for you, wealth and the sky for you.

Trust me, life is just getting sweeter, like the proverbial gooseberry,

the bitterness is over, it is time for saccharine sweetness.

So reach out and embrace the many adventures of life.

Besides, you got to love yourself before you loved anyone else.

So splurge in love, in tender care, and share happiness with the world.

You will have great company.

Great joys await you.

As does great work.

Go girl, live your life.



PS: Friends, mentors, many foes, never, none! Beautiful life.

Settled! Eh!

Anu hates it when people ask this question.

The last decade unsettled her every which way.

Running from pillar to post, counting on ways to meet the ends.

So, she ran from job to job and home to home and relishing the fact that ‘ I am so compatible, see!’, marveling at her own adaptability in between her low, ‘tear shed’ and ‘heart break’ times. One thing she noticed is that the heart that trembled and the thoughts that muddled, cleared after she sent a few SOS here and there randomly. Some times there was help or a cheerful ‘hi’, sometimes there were none, but the expression of anxiety helps and a path does show itself.

Whenever, she sat down to take a breath, life whispered, ‘Here’s the new challenge! Go get that’, with almost an evil laughter.

So, when storms gathered threatening to submerge her , she put on her armor, wrote a few things, shed a few tears and rasped ‘here I come!’.

‘Oh! so it started like this, and now you are here., look at you!

;Oh! so you earned this much, and spent all, tsh, tsh.

‘But this girl, she is yours, wow, congratulations.

So, you are still smiling, how is that really?!!!’

Packing bags at landing at her home with a cry for help was never an option, so there she stood, as storms gather, clouds darken, she knows for sure a hand or two will reach out, most importantly the armor is intact and can stand a few more battles, so why not?

If spice is what life offers, take it and make a sambhar, aur kya???

Besides in the game of life, who ever settled, really!!!!