A little ‘Rashmi’ in my soul

When I see this beautiful girl egging on the viewers to bend it like Beckham and twist it like MJ, with a smile on her lips and eyes so sparkling clear, I am more than tempted to follow.

Infact, yoga sessions with Rashmi Ramesh are more like dance sessions, touching and awakening those old dance dreams that I smile to myself thinking how I can make some health while still looking at this wonderful person and her charming ways.

And just like your Linkedin, which always soothes your poor ego saying, ‘it was not you, it’s our fault’, everytime it fails to load something, the lady tells you every time with her mischievous wink , well, almost, ‘ It’s not your body but it is your mind that is stopping you’, or if you can’t touch your feet, go touch your ankle, your calf or your thighs, ever so kindly that just for her you want to bend a little more.

This does remind me of the student who studied and passed his exam, only because, Julie mam was his English teacher or some of the naughty boys and girls who would come and tell me, ‘ you are our mentor no, we had to study otherwise what will happen to your name!!!’ that is at the same time so endearing and funny, and that too from students in grade 12.

Or in the typical ways of kids, ‘just because you told me I did it, how could I disappoint you!’

Such gems of experiences at teaching and training that fill your heart with gratitude.

Anyways, I am so smitten with Rashmi Ramesh and her yogalates that, she is my new role model, and I could not have ever had a better one, the fact that she is younger, way too, younger to me, makes it all the more interesting.

As I do yoga with her in the mornings, in the house that is silent except for the purr in between, I feel happy, content and find the smile, that vanished for a short time, firmly planted on my face again.

So good bye to all the film stars, who anyways did not make up to my walls as posters, and the sport stars who were too high and mighty to be my role models, here is the charming girl whose youtube videos I have recently become a die hard fan of.

Will this translate into a fitter, slimmer, sexy me… well, ain’t I already!!!!



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