A half packed bag

A half packed bag

looks ahead

waits for tickets

restless thumps feet

checks dollars

no rupees, mostly coins

to travel to mumbai, meri jaan, vada pav

to delhi, mera dil , parotta gali

to kolkatta for rasogulla and some noise

to goa for prettiness

to Indore straight to chappan

to dehradun for solo hills

to pune for the mold of the old

to kodagu for the coffee

to chennai for the mridangam

to calicut, mera dadkan paragon

to palakkad, mera bachpan

to trichur, kavu, koothum

tilting sometimes to

lands outside

it looks forward to fly

to scoop some oil

to shoots in texas

to cycling in Netherlands

to fashion in Milan

a half packed bag

rages mad

in the half rooms

living life in parts

and buries itself into a book

a purr is heard

part life. part fiction. portly fantasy.