What is Success to you?

What is success to you, asked a student? Me? I asked surprised, perhaps feeling a little important.

Success is taking out the 2 wheeler after having sold the car to buy a laptop in a time of emergency, (now who does that?, well I did) and riding it after 10 years to college, with a heart crazily thumping out of fear and being startled every time a new gen motor bike whizzes past me!

It is reaching home safe and getting a sweet sleep, by far my bestest friend ever!

It is being able to pay the bills and being able to be there for those I love and sometimes for those beyond my small circle.

It is walking out of a classroom with a smile of satisfaction and being greeting with happy, cheerful faces in the classrooms and the corridors.

It is sky, who seeps into my conscience to clear doubts, fears and always promising new hopes.

It is a brother who sits far, very far and looks over in love.

It is having achan and amma and ammu in life with Andrew of course.

It is a few friends who ask how are you?, do you need something, can we go out together and so on.

It is a purr and a fragrance and a knowledge that life experiences have been good and being grateful is the only thing to do.

It is being able to write and speak your mind when you want.

It is being able to be there for your parents and being able to do what they ask you to do, despite your misgivings, for success is happiness and nothing beyond that.

Success is new learning of what is not known and a sense of wonder at living and that life is love in bits and pieces and a hope for a bond of a lifetime.

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