Bak, Bak talker makes friends

I met a beautiful couple today. Warm, gentle and very knowledgeable. I spent about 3 hours in their beautifully decorated, well kept home which is nothing short of a green haven. The fact that they spoke Malayalam and served jack fruit made me feel at home immediately.

The grand mom all of 94 years with the enthusiasm and vibe of a sixty year old, joined the conversation drawing from her experiences of a life time with a gentle smile.

The beautifully elegant lady of the house, sat me down and we discussed a few things. Later when her spouse joined us we continued to discuss life, energies, nature and what not.

I floated back home filled with warmth and wrapped in a soft cloud of love and the care exuded by the couple.

While at home though I wondered of how I hogged the conversation, with my miniscule knowledge and over the top enthusiasm….now how does one learn to talk a little less….

A thing to ponder and learn, conversations are better when the sharing is more or less equal. I do listen but my daughter is a better and dedicated listener. And I need to learn that.

But the evening will stay in my mind.

For someone who is too lazy to step out of the house, this was bonus, to just have good company, great conversation and come back with new friends.

Sort of reaffirms the need to step out of the home and say a hi and a hello…once in a while.

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