Stop, ponder, watch, observe and then move

and when you move, go slow, one step leading to the next

thus you build what is love , that is long lasting

for long have we worshipped at the altar of speed

coz speedy recovery to speed dating

to fast food to fast fat loss

let’s now try ,you and me together

the beauty in still deep thoughts

moments that stand for long and forget to rush

experiences that stay engraved in the heart

and love, most of all in small significant moments

in small deeds of a hand made gift or a loving touch

or just sitting by the fireside watching the flames crackling

under the dark sky who feeling proud brings out shiny stars

to watch us over from above and help build memories

a few frogs croaking, crickets chattering, a distant horn

just the loved ones one or more in company of peace

sipping sparkling clean liquids

munching slow food

where time stops to watch

wondering if this is life, why would I hurry?

PS: Love being slow and steady

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