Time’s Aside

In the town I heard

a new fashion is the trend

of walking upside down

stamping everything you find

and looking fierce and fiery

snapping at all

barking even

spite flowing free

under the pretext of

politics or faith or food even

when in times hands

we are all but her children

in a continuum of past, present and future

yet how we blight ourselves to stupidities

is beyond me.

Time: oh! chill. All I need to do is snap half a finger!

Last time I heard the crow was not talking to the cuckoo

so was the crocodile to the fish

the orangutan to the ape

and the ape to the monkey

grasshopper hated the very grass

the honeybees hated flowers

the sun hated the clouds

and the waters spite the land

the worms spoke ill of the insects

and the crickets of the toads

the peacocks had issues with peahens

and the foxes with the lions

the elephants found the rabbits irritating

and squirrels complained of the cats

not to talk of the whales who hated waters deep blue

and wished to walk on earth

things have come to such a pass

that I got to kick some ass!

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