The eyebrow man

The sofa sank under his weight

the cushion cover wrinkled in complaint

the back of the sofa groaned in surprise

not used to such exercise.

She watched his hands that reached far

the other end of the seat

His head was tilted to the balcony

his long hair brushed against the wall

dancing in the wind raised by the electric fan

He picked the coffee mug and drank noisily

a drop of coffee hit his beard and sat confused

before deciding to tumble down on to his chest

and get lost in the hair again

the little coffee mark sat shy on the shirt

till the wind of the electric fan dried it off

he picked a cookie and raised his eyebrow

reading the name of the cookie from its chest

his neatly cut nails rubbed against the cookie

before his fingers pushed a side of it

into his mouth to be crunched and grounded

crum, crum the air said in between the deep sighs

he lifted his eye brows again to ask for water

water came to him sitting in a glass on a tray

he sipped it noisily

he nodded his head twice

as she sat demure

waiting for the eyebrow to move again.

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