What the sky saw

Now that you have come

Why don’t you sit?

I asked Sky

who was fidgeting with a random cloud

Blue rays decorated his crown

Ochre splashed from his chest

I looked at his deep eyes

which looked troubled

despite his vastness

his depth and his many hues

vapid thoughts streamed

straight from his light eyes

It is not easy, he said

to look down and see

what I see

It is not easy

to know what I know either.

I said nothing

coz how could I see

what he saw

how could I know

what he knew

a moment of silence

stood doubtful of an

incoming barrage of thoughts

dressed in words azure

I turned to look away

when I sensed my lightness

floating above the clouds

he showed me what he saw

and that was it

there was nothing more to seek

there was nothing more to know

I closed my eyes in a trance.