Covid and localization

Globalization was the buzz word of life until recently, localization is perhaps going to catch up now.

As economies have shut the doors to the outside world, and as distrust due to disease seeps in every corner of the world, people are looking at what is closer home in terms of jobs, businesses, health, travel, somehow the world is now rediscovering what is around them.

The citizen of world, jetsetting continents in style will now take a backseat at least for sometime. Most of us are concerned about health, ours and that of those dear to us and we are afraid to take too many chances.

Definitely, this has hit all of us hard. Parents who would have not batted an eyelid before sending off their kids abroad now think it over many times. Honeymoon couples are definitely reimagining their homes… times are such!!! Tourism industry is up in arms against lockdown restrctions so are other business, the cinema, hotel industry and all every other business is caught in a difficult situation right now.

A young man recently voiced his concern, ‘do I stay back in India or do I go abroad?’, and someone interjected to advice him to take it slow. ‘Struggles are everywhere and struggles abroad are stranger and may take a longer time to overcome, so stay put and find something near you. Surely you are young and when you have found your foothold, you may move abroad. ‘

It is true that we are but victims of the life situations, the social mileu, the zeitgiest, the time spirit and that is changing for sure.

There is a rediscovery of what is available locally and the charm of the imported is wearing off, what does this mean for livelihoods, businesses, is to be seen…

And time will tell.

Caught in covid, the common man is first and foremost concerned about putting food on the table, welfare schemes by state and central government is helping to a large extent,but what of ambitions, of careers, of travels, of dreams are they going to shrink too?

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