The Yam People

The yam trees stood tall and proud

in neat lines dressed in military green

against the rain and the winds

and dreamt of going deeper into the earth

unaware of the banyans and the peepals

the bending jackfruit trees or the coconut bearers

beneath the yam trees grew a yam people

walking with care in the rains

worried of deep furrows and puddles nay ponds

and then a yam child running naked in the rains

ran beneath a yam tree for shelter when

the pounding rains deepened the ponds

the furrows and the child cried loud

a old yam man ran out of his home

with a few youngsters in tow

to lift a grass blade and put it across the furrow

the little boy ran back to safety smiling

the mother wiped her tears

faraway in the skies the banyan and the jackfruit

caught each others glances and laughed aloud

a few leaves fell and the yam men ran back to their homes

their dreams were fragile so was their homes yet the hearts were strong

but the men and women above moved on as if nothing happened

It was a world they never knew of or will ever know.

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