I am thinking of energies that flow in and out, when people meet, converse, interact, engage. Some energies sync or synergize and some dont, relationships, friendships must be those energies which seem to draw on eachother and grow. So they flourish and grow over a period of time despite barriers, despite obstacles of any kind.

Yet we all try to connect to one another because our lives sort of force us to reach out and seek energies that help us to grow and bond.

So it is with my dear friend Soniya. I think of our friendship which has grown over many decades and how when we speak to eachother we overcome barriers of time, geography and we connect always as two girls who met in school and still meet. When I meet or talk to Soniya, Sofiya, Deepak, Aditi,Sheena, Sudha, Anwar, Naveen, Suvedi, Unni, Maya, BP……the connect is so quick and so instant that we just get into the groove without waiting for formalities. I am sure we all have such buddies who we treasure as they bring a smile to our faces no matter what.

Sometimes in our spirits’ desire to connect and grow we keep reaching out to souls but we may also sense a barrier or two in doing the same. These barriers could be ego ,some small misunderstandings, difference of opinion, differences in lifestyles.

What do we do in such cases? We just have to go with the flow and like water that hits an obstacle, change our course and continue to flow.

If that is the case then what are rejections, unrequited love,broken relationships, broken friendships and so on, they are nothing but small obstacles in our paths to sustain our spirit’s desire to connect and grow like roots do perhaps.

I remember someone speaking about being like water, ‘water indeed, with deep rooted memories, yet an ability to change course and a flexibility to change shape even!’

So is it that the ebb and flow of energies is what sustains our life?

of friendship

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  1. Friends become in an instant, well almost and it is when how the other reacts to the flaws that one finds decides the course of the longevity of the relationship. I have also found that bonds are a way to show you, you. Most of the times for me it has been that i carried friendships but to grow is to observe and even test, and many who were once friends were there for a certain stage. It is important to understand a friend because in it and through it we get to know a lot about ourselves.
    Well, Lekha- thanks for makin me write this though!

    Nara x

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    • Yes its true that we keep meeting and connecting and then lose those connections. It happens a lot with me. Sometimes its lack of interest or change of priorities. Now I am ok with loss and gain in terms of connections or atleast I am learning to accept that there’s no status quo there. What you said about others being an extension of our own selves is something I was thinking about too. Thanks for reading Narayan 🙂

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