Give your girl a goal

Give your girl a goal

to standup and speak out

remind her that she is better than the best

the man in her life is not her only world

nor her children her only pride

hold her hand and teach her to walk

build her strength to face the strife

ask her to step up and step out

the narrow confines of domestication

the walls that impede and crush

her self, her dreams and her aspiration

tell her to take pride in how she looks

beyond the colour and the shape

there is a soul that beams brighter than the skies

arm her to dress well in smiles

be swift and sure in her moves

give her a heart of steel

nourish the fire in her belly

let no dark cloud dampen her spirit

tell her the universe roots for her.

she’s but a soul housed in a body

her being is divine and her strength infinite

ambition was never a curse nor shame

nor courage a thing to hide

strength of the body, soul and the spirit

are things to showcase and be proud of

step back and watch her grow

and then you know you have done your best.