Crossroads of living

How often have we met

at the crossroads of living

love, you have been always charging

against goals that seem to be shifting

the lamp posts have stood the test of time

so have I

standing still amidst the entrancing

dance of time

it is unusual then that we have never met

the sky has often send his directives

the sun has often glared and frowned

sent me into shelters for brief moments

but the heart, the heart

knowing how it is hopelessly lost in hope

looks around, it does, it does

faraway sirens scream, shuffling feet

muffled voices, silences that speak

here I look for love in the sunset


  1. Beautiful, hopeful and amdist the dark, words filled with loved, of and for love dear Lekha.

    I hope you are well, and all the travels in Kolkata must have given some renewed energy to you and the daughter.

    My wishes
    Narayan x

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    1. adhyapika says:

      Thanks Narayan. I am doing great and yes, charging at life with a renewed energy and purpose.
      And looking ahead in hope. Some mornings are more beautiful than others. 🙂

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      1. absolutely, slowly slowly all things fall or rise to the places they belong to. It is only acceptance that contentment requires dearest Lekha.

        My wishes
        Narayan x

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        1. adhyapika says:

          I so agree with you. Acceptance of all that happens, right? It’s she, the universe, who rules and routes, we have to but wait…


          1. Mother knows, everything. It is she who is making it happen, and for us. May be not wait, but devote 🙂

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