Success as a process

Success as a process & continuous growth

We are all merely products in the making, eachone of us whatever our positions, age, gender be, we are continuously evolving into better beings. There is really no such a thing as a finished, completely polished, well rounded human because life forces us to continue our studentship as long as we breathe. And definitely, there is no shame in who we are at any point of time. So, it is quite ok to be not capable enough, not great enough and so on, as long as we continue to learn and grow in our own way. The hype of success and achievement in the society is such that it pushes many of us to measure ourselves against unrealistic standards and dampen our self confidence.

Like everything else, success is organic and it comes over a period of time, unlike the instant fame and ‘going viral’ episodes, which are nothing but rare happy accidents. Well, that gives all of us a chance to accept and embrace ourselves a little more!


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