Silence of the soul

It is the silence of the souls that speak

volumes of life, love and living

those in-between spaces amidst the rush of words

the endless explanations of what was not there

and will never be

that which seeks to be heard and understood and held gently

when the hills call and the mountains nod

against the cold howling of winds by the lake

rushing past thundering doors leaving sometimes pain

sometimes hope and a will to survive

a blue sky looks down in benevolence sharing

some soul smiles and some more soul love

an azure hope sprouts thriving on dreams, fantasies

and fantastic fallacies of love, joy and pleasure of living

oscillating between hope of heart and fear of truth

yet the heart, ah the heart looks for a solid ground to hold

to anchor to thrive

weary of soul search and lost dreams.

This be life. This be living.

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