Faraway, faraway

faraway, farway

I hear a song

sung for me

I hear the tune

I note the swing

in the wind

and the dancing leaves

the sky so far

the clouds now so dark

and then so light, now finely sit

around a hope and fan it true

in the heart there grows a dream

that reaches the eyes and sheds in tears

grows in sighs and forlorn smiles

then looks ahead at the western sky

glimmering sun setting far takes with him

the shreds of pain, the shards of shame

and leaves behind a blushing hue

of a faraway song,

of a faraway song

sung for me against the western sky!

PS: a song break- why holidays are good!

To click or not to click

Yesterday we had visitors at home. My brother’s best friend who has since been adopted as ‘son’ by my mom and dad, when my father gushingly admits, ‘he calls me his achan’, making me smile, visited us with his adorable kids and his beautiful highly educated wife.

As the talks veered into different directions, me and mom nudged the kiddos to sing a song or say something and they did with great elan. We clapped and roared in laughter at their enthusiasm.

As I was in the moment, my mind urged me to capture that moment, while another part asked me to let the event be, let the moment happen as it is, it is not necessary to capture everything and share, in this case with my daughter!

So, I kept wondering at that urge in me to share these days and the use of the gadget to interefere in moments of joy, moments of sheer happiness awe or wonder at something that is not an everyday stuff or just a new perspective at what is indeed an ‘everyday seen in a new light’.

Anyways like everything else clicking pictures of anything and everything is well, another way to communicate, perhaps!

So what you do you think? Do you also reach out to your phone to capture a moment, all too soon, or do let it go by, lost to posterity!


तन्हाई का यह रंग कुछ नया सा था
इस बार कुछ अलग ही चाल भी
आवाज़ भी बोल भी तो मैं भी सोचने
लगी कुछ तो है बदला बदला सा है
आवाज़ नींद में भी जैसे गूँज रहा हो
ऐसा जैसा कोई पुकार रहा हो
बस दूर से एक आवाज़ बस शब्द
न कोई चेहरा न कोई पहचान
अँधेरा जैसे कुछ कम हो गया हो
जैसे दिल मैं कोई नया सा राग
कुछ हल्का होने का अहसास
कुछ नया भिगाडके बनने का आस
कुछ नयी सी रौशनी
पर विश्वास जो टूट गया हो
जल्दी वापस नहीं जुड़ती
तो बस अब समय
का इंतज़ार है
यह रास्ता किस तरफ मुड़ेगा
चलो यह भी देख लेते है