Just Satyrical

Across the horizon

blue and bright

where dreams blend into reality

a search light will still be found

and when you walk up and shake hands

she will ask you to sit down and have a cup of coffee

stories of now and yonder will then be shared

know that it is your test of endurance

hold your yawn and keep the smile

a little giltter in your eyes will help!

cracking and being cranky she shall up the game

just be patient if you are in for the long run

or jump and scoot and don’t leave a trace behind

if you so think otherwise, god speed!

the howling winds will take you farther

to your dreamland and fantasies soon

till such time go catch the butterfly

the glow worms and the secret santas of the world

her time is around, so is yours

stay put, stay proud, storms strengthen

resolves regain vigour and a vengeance

to find, to know, to hold, to be

so it shall be, said the Satyr

and the zephyr blowing by.

Ps: vacuum is a good place to begin with!


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