Mountains and molehills

Sometimes when I think of my so called ‘international worries’ of completing my thesis writing, I know for sure that I have come a long way indeed.

From times of worrying about the bills and having sleepless nights of tossing and turning to, this, days of studying and complaining of not finding time to do it well!, what a blessing indeed!

That alone should make me happy, and ensure that the smiles stay and grow.

Do you have any worries, asked a swami long back, when my brother was very sick, I remember smiling and saying ‘none’. He laughed, you are strange, no body comes here without worries, I just looked at him and moved ahead.

When the partner life brought to me, refused to budge, I remember thinking of finding the ‘moolah’ to run the home and doing ‘just’ that. Again even at that time, if someone had asked me, ‘do you have any worries’, I would have said, none.

Coz, of course, it did not occur to me that somebody’s else’s indifference is my problem to correct, especially when you have the blessed task of nurturing a child at your hand! Who would want to waste time!

I didn’t and dived deep into the task at hand and forgot everything else. For years, I defined living on the basis of doing, now when life gives me the freedom to choose what to do, I am lost, unable to make the choices, and wondering of ways to go and easily choose books over anything else! for good or bad!

In the uncertainties of life, all one can do is to keep the smiles and go on, coz, who knows what is next, what really is!

Perhaps we all should just take a leaf from Whitney Houston, and say the greatest love of all, is the ability to accept self and love it as it is. A whole philosophy of living is embodied in the style and rendering and the lyrics of this beautiful song!

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