Fence the lake

Fence the lake

it is a growing threat

it starts to swell

sometimes in its pride

it tends to spread

wall it then, make it clear

the boundaries are meant to be kept

if there is a fish, it better know its place

or a tadpole or two

the birds, well ! who should bother of them

the trees, oh, lift them, throw them, trample them

not a noise will be heard

the walls should be high

of concrete strong to keep the water

where it belongs

sometimes threaten the lake with

machines huge ,so that it trembles

to its core and knows obedience

(the elected head of the village

knew it well, the walls were

the foundation of all his pomp

“the more I dig into the lake

the more I prosper”)

it is time to shut the lake down

call it off today

let more buildings come

let’s strangle the lake before

it becomes unmanageable

you are with me, I know

bystanders, fellow concrete house dwellers

together let’s wring the last iota of life

and when she dies, we shall live in peace


Let prosperity thrive

In concrete holes we jive.


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