The journey, being the purpose

To experience a deep, deep connection to the universe, to have a dialogue and to feel that you are heard, understood, was perhaps what her soul needed.

In deep anguish over a supposed promotion, ‘not really’, a change of role, ‘not really’, a feeling of being taken for a ride, ‘may be’ and the multitude of instances perceived or real, that happened to her, and the doubt that assails, ‘did she not fight enough’, ‘did she not have it in her’, ‘what was it really?’ , ‘why’, and so on and so forth.

The shame, the anger and the doubt, that comes with all these, the need to be heard and the same vacuum as ever, threatening to swallow the self, almost two weeks of internal turmoil, where she could not place her finger on her pain, yet, painful it was, and a fatigue that seemed to come with it, sort of numbness that stilled her otherwise, ‘smiling, come what may face,’ then how it all dissipated with a session of self acceptance, of forgiving self, of knowing that she was but an instrument, the life journey has been lived to the best so far and it has to continue so.

Better things are perhaps at the turn, yonder where the horizon hugs the sky , the walk though has to continue, the will has to be strong, if there be friends, they will appear by the side, or disappear if they so choose, in the cosmic design each particle has a role, a mission, a need, so do you, so do you…… so chug it on, chug it on, and smile as you are at it….


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