And she asked life

What be your lessons, Sir

She asked Life and he was quiet

Turning pages and busily

scribbling destinies in his notepad

he looked up briefly and pretended

not to hear her anguish or her cries

what should I do now, Sir

to get you to notice my submission

presented to you in full detail

this be so and that so it be

how far, how long and how close

when and why and what not

but I notice, she said

in great distaste

You obviously have no time

who said you were the leveller

you for all I know

build walls of age, gender, community

divide against our will

and cause pain, deep agonizing pain

He noticed her agitated hands

drawing circles and breaking tensions

he watched the whimper that reached the lips

the tears that rushed to the eyelids

fearful of making a scene

He smiled to himself

and briskly added another chapter!


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