IITIIMonlyShaadi.com- Oh! Really!!!

Of intellectual racism!!!!

Dear IITS and IIMS

It’s time for some introspection. Every gully nook and corner has tuition centers with teachers from IITS and IIMs only, caste/religion/color/ age/ gender/ no bar….. so do the institutions of higher education across the country!!!

Yes, all of them, well!!! almost!!!

Institutions in the country are all founded only by IITians and IIMians, but so are tea stalls and Ed tech ventures, schools thrive only because an IITian or an IIMian once entered its hallowed portals and did what?!!!! God knows!!!

In the marriage market, the IITians and IIMians, the so-called intellectuals or the think tanks of this ‘forever developing country’ rake in most of the moolah in the name of the ‘god sanctioned’, law-forbidden ritual of the most importance called ‘the dan daan’ aka dowry!

So, the IITians and the IIMians, poor things, pity them, to protect their intellectual supremacy and the genepool in an era when most girls shy away from the reproduction, come up with the ‘IITIIMshaadi.com where our own Mr. K, the romantic of all Johars,who spawned empires of honey-dripped romantic sagas sells brightest futures with the perfectest partners!!!!

Should we not just bow down and honor him for his kindness???!!!

Perhaps not???

How about starting a http://www.harvardshaadi.com or a http://www.harvardcumoxford.com, pun intended!

Alma matter matters, says who????

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to hurt any sentiments of any IITian or IIMian. Any resemblance to any living or non-living being is simply coincidental.

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