Break but heal

I loved how the Sky

that day chose to show up

just play along

bring a smile

a bit of joy

sing a song

add some laughter

and say it was all just right

life has been topsy turvy

the search has been on too long

sometimes signs have been bright

yet they have been shaky at best

and energies never match

emotions never sprout

and when they show their presence

there is fear, doubt and a wall somehow

of years, of place, of faith and what not

there have been times of joy

mostly found within

in the walls within the maze of heart

seemingly incomprehensible

felt and heard and somehow sensed

so sure that it beeps and brightens

then goes so silent, but the Sky being kind

showed up to say, there is a promise and a hope

and so I did, and still do! Amen!

PS: Break, heal, break, said the heart!

The Sky Plays Along

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