How far have you come?

You have come far

from ignominy, from fear, from shame

you have walked ahead

reached a place of inner peace

an island of happiness

that thrives in your head

grows in your heart

feeds on your thoughts

and comes out in your words

you have learnt to forgive and let go

hold on to what is yours truly

to process pain into poetry

shame into stories

songs, tit bits of hearsays

passing on joys, smiles and pats

of encouragements

knowing if you can, anyone can

if anyone can, you too can

meeting souls of beauty

of deep thoughts and wild smiles

of sheer power and grand ambitions

of smiles springing out of sorrow

ambitions letting go of fear

a twinkle toe seeks a dance floor

a story-teller looks for someone to hear

a mighty man looks to rule

a wizened soul that hopes to chant

a mother prays to feed

you know for sure, then

just about anything is possible

hold on to dear belief, just hold on!!!

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