Embrace Self

Life was never meant to be a race. There is no prize for being the first to get somewhere, for being the most popular, the most liked, and so on. The Sun never rewarded any flower for blooming first. Nor did the Earth announce prizes for the birds who flew the fastest. The vast universe has place for everyone, allowing each to reach his prime in his own time. Yet, in his race to be the best, the fastest, the most liked, the richest and so on, man forfeits the time he has on the planet to chase glories that last a few likes or a few shares. So, stop, hold yourself, take a deep breath and appreciate yourself. Your time is good time. Your journey at a slower pace is good, the different path you chose is amazing and your milestones are waiting…
Coz, at any given time, you are the best that you could have been!!!
-Said the Universe

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