House of Gucci- a review

House of Gucci is a story of great shrewdness, obsessive love, the quick rise and fall of a business magnate, but what stands out and must be discussed is Lady Gaga’s unbelievable portrayal of Patricia, who at times would remind you of Lady Macbeth, who egged her husband on to chase glory and eventually led to his downfall.

Patricia is a small town girl with a keen eye for prospects and a equally smart mind that knows to impress, lead and manipulate people or situations to her favour, until of course she falls out of favour with her husband, her vehicle to glory and unimaginable wealth, the ‘Gucci’ and the power that comes with it all.

Lady Gaga lives her role with ease that you come away hating the woman and only smile in empathy when she corrects the judge saying she is ‘Patricia Gucci’ when sentenced to jail for murder of her husband. Because that’s when you realise it was never about anything but the name’ Gucci’ that drove her to do what she did and there was no remorse in her.

But Adam Driver, did well too, so did Jared Letto who truly gets to you as the lost and romantically inclined lost son, Paulo Gucci.

Available on Amazon Prime, it’s movie not to miss!!

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