Tumhari Sulu urf Mein Kar Sakti Hain- A Film Review

I watched Tumhari Sulu in Dehradun with my brother and his pretty wife. I remember how I cried at the sheer simplicity of desire depicted in the movie, how it sort of moved all of us, the child-like innocence of confidence and a desire to make it alright somehow.

I think of how life puts you into situations where you could only be solution-oriented with a pasted smile on your face. Someone said the other day, ‘it must have been difficult to be strong always’, it was, it really is, and sometimes people read strength and defence as arrogance, callousness, ‘she’s not very emotional’, ‘she never feels it’, ‘but you never show it’ and so on.

You kind of stop the expression of pain, angst, hurt and focus on getting on with life, with a shrug of ‘whatever’!!!

But, Sulu, what a cheer leader of self, she is! what poise, what valor, and what unbreakable cheerfulness!!!

I wish more people could have her unlimited positivity, courage and the strength to smile through it all, be focused on solutions and not put much thought into nit-picking, fault finding and other such general amusements of life, perhaps, then, more of us could breathe lighter, live happier, after all what is life but a dream and a waking!!!

‘We are all made of dreams, and our life stretches from sleep before death to sleep after death,’ Said Prospero in The Tempest.

To all the Sulus of the world, smile till it aches and burn a few hearts!!!!

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