Jayeshbhai Jordar- A Review

Ranveer Singh looked the best in 1983 but he does manage to look his role in every film. He eases himself into his character like a chameleon changing colors!

Social relevance in films becomes over the top with the content and presentation at times tending to be documentarish but Jayeshbhai Jordar is a good one time watch, a comical take on some of serious misogynistic practices in Indian society.

Jayeshbhai Jordar also manages a rather long lecture on the significance of ‘puppy’ in marital relationships, yes, only in marital relationships in the deep rurals of the country.

Reena Pathak packs a punch and so does Boman Irani and the fire cracker of Jia Vaidya, as a wise mentor to her kid-like parents.

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