The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) – A Review

Though it is common knowledge that courts are dull and drab places, where files move slow and so do the so called legal eagles, the films usually portray active, thrilling sequences that supposedly happen in courts, so the allure of a debonair, dashing lawyer and his moral struggles in conflict with his professional pursuit, does ring a few bells, it is engaging to say the least!

So, Mick Haller’s incredible professional skills and the dynamics with this ex, the company of his side kick, Frank, his confidence bordering on arrogance gets him into some difficult situations. However, his life takes a turn when he is tricked to defend the crime of a ‘rich spoilt brat’.

Though the ending of the film, leaves us a bit confused, the theatrics is engaging, actors are a pleasant watch, and for some fiery dialogues and witty pun playing along, the movie is worth a two time watch.


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