Sturdy in the storm

Hurts are but deep deep

rivulets of pain raw and glistening

against the sun and the sky full of stars

words are but swords sharp and shining

hungry for blood eager to cut and scrape

the last iota of strength of the human soul

that grew on its own and cared for itself in the rains

that learnt to stand against the storms and keep the smiles

that which found strength not in promises or half baked laughters

but in the depth of its own anchoring in the turbulence of living moments

hands that lend, sometimes held or a tear that shed and a voice that said

you were kind, you mean to me, your words helped, and keep the grit on

it gives strength to go on, go on against the odds, against the fears be sturdy

yes, so stay on, will you? you mean something, you do….

she nodded, so did the universe…


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