So Said life

I am a weaver of words

of fantasies of enchantments

incantations and well of course

some disappointments

fancies and frills and some trills

I add to my own contentment

the stories should have the depth

when reels of life are viewed

it should invoke emotions

more so because how will happiness

know what it is if not weighed against sorrow

I, therefore, give in equal good measure

a fair share of sorrow and joys abundant

both and to the seekers,

yes, to them especially,

a trail of tears and a tinge of salt

to make sweetness real, memorable

so that they can speak for me

so that they being my spokespersons

will delight in singing and dancing

songs of the universe, of lives past

and of lives yet to grace the planet

so you human, then, don’t judge me

for I give what you ought to receive

be gentle to yourself in your growth

be kind to your soul in transition

let pain and pleasure mold you in

equal measure to what you are within to without

go breathe, be yourself, till the breath lasts!

Ironic??? I know!!!


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