Wonder – A review

Wonder why movies are great!!! Coz they show you a microcosm of a world, many lives, many emotions, it’s like a tour into the life’s very own museum of specimens of homo sapiens of all kinds…

Wonder does touch you to the core, awaken the deepest of emotions and show you what life is really worth it, coz it is easy to give up, but it is important not to give in and keep the smiles no matter what.

In times when the human body is a fetish, when measurements are all that people are, when flawlessness is traded as a real life thing, it is difficult to know the difference between the real and the fake, it is difficult not to get caught in the mirage of these highly toxic, yet equally seductive of adjectives, that advertisements have made us believe is what worth is all about.

Not any more is it about being kind, or good, or just plain nice, a good smile and a warm heart, it is about the texture of the skin, the width of your chest, the weight of your biceps, the kim kardashianishness of your shape, well and more….

Wonder is all heart, pure and clear, its all love, sweet and slobbering almost, its life and its innocence so true that it tears you up!

Watch it on Netflix!!!

Besides the Pretty woman is there too!

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