Bell Bottom – A Review

Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him, that is Akshay Kumar to Bollywood and well, to those outside the circle too.

Spy stories are always interesting, aren’t they? Whether it is Alia Bhat’s riveting Razi or Bell Bottom, such a excellently well told story on a topic that lies at the core of every Indian, the pet rivalry with our beloved neighbour!

Bell Bottom is an out and out Akshay Kumar movie. It is all about the man, just the man at the centre, and everybody else just floating around .

One must admit though, that Akshay Kumar carries it well, oh! boy! and how he does it!!! So, it was quite sometime back that I read Jeffrey Archer’s The Second Lady by Irving Wallace, for some reason, all good novels to my mind are written by Jeffrey Archer, must be a memory lapse!!!

The cast of Indira Gandhi was a joke though!!! A very bad joke at that!!!

Bell Bottom is quite the movie to watch. Go, catch it on Netflix!

A must watch!


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