Virata Parvam – A Review

Worth a few times watch

The intense story line, the centuries of inhumanity in the name of caste, the film touches a few raw nerves, knowing how caste is still a great divider in this country.

Then there is Vennila, the moon light, a girl so stubborn that she follows her dream and chases it to make them true, be it her favourite doll or her dream love.

For some reason though I am reminded of WB Yeats, Easter 1916, a poem dedicated to the Irish revolution against the British. In the poem, Yeats disparages the man who stole his lover from him and makes a general comment on the “hearts with one purpose alone….enchanted to a stone… a terrible beauty is born”

“A drunken, vainglorious lout.

He had done most bitter wrong

To some who are near my heart,   

Yet I number him in the song;

He, too, has resigned his part

In the casual comedy;

He, too, has been changed in his turn,   

Transformed utterly:

A terrible beauty is born.

Hearts with one purpose alone   

Through summer and winter seem   

Enchanted to a stone

To trouble the living stream.”

Sai Pallavi is the very incarnation of true love and Rana Daggubati impersonates the love for a philosophy that gives the right to kill, even one who is most beloved to him. Something is amiss in this film, but it is still a good watch!

Go, watch Virata Parvam on Netflix.

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