Embrace Yourself – II

Self esteem begins when you own up your only home on the planet, the body that the soul inhabits, not by choice but by a happy/unhappy coincidence. With the acceptance of your only home, will you be able to stretch yourself, move out of the inner workings of your mind, to see what lies beyond. Later, you will come back with thoughts that wandered outside your inner realms and mull over it all, to see how it makes or ‘umakes’ you or how it adds to who you are or takes away small portions from your being, to chisel your life into exact measures of the soulful, albeit clueless, life journey that you are in. But again, acceptance of the body that you live in, majorly comes, I believe, by accepting, acknowledging where you come from, your parents, your immediate family, those extended craziness in your family, the place you belong to, the language you speak, the faith you are born into, the food that you grow up eating, the social hierarchy in which you are placed, the identity you are sometimes given or some times that which you make and so on.
Well, acceptance of these aspects that are beyond your immediate control, does help in being at ease with who you are, and then you will surely start to explore the light that your soul truly seeks. If you are lucky, you will find a mate or two on the way, but the journey of your soul will continue, till the last breath lasts. Well! then, it makes sense to keep the smiles and embrace who you are in order to grow into who you want to be, doesn’t it?

#Embrace who you are to grow into who you want to be – Sreelekha


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