Second spring

When spring came to my life a second time

he was hilariously insistent

teaching me a million tricks of joy

swaying to music being one

laughing loud at self

slyly laughing at others too

well! just some times

picking me up after every fall

telling me to embrace myself

the body my soul lives in

the voice it chooses to speak out in

the expressions on an over expressive face

and mostly a need and a deep deep desire to care

and to be cared for, to be sometimes held maybe, why not?

a little less serious, he said, snap it off, this sense of purpose

live it bright and light, the few years till the journey beyond

smile, laugh, be laughed at, its fine, its ok, he said repeatedly

gamble your heart once in a while, see what it does, let emotions be explored

and speak your heart, open, uninhibited, with no fear of censure

and chase the potluck of gold, be unabashed, wear your scars proud

show your tears, stay strong even as you are vulnerable

‘contradictory!’ I interrupted, and he said sagely

that’s life, my love!

But, I intervened again, ‘you could have said this earlier’

yep! I did, only you were not listening!

‘Too late, is it,’ I asked, bewildered

not till your breath lasts, its not

‘The grave is a fine and private place

but none I think do there embrace’

He quoted my fav lines from ‘To his coy mistress’

and I was quiet.

The Sky watched from a distance and smiled

‘carry on! ‘he winked and I fell shy!


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