Malayan Kunju- A Masterpiece

So, you watch movies, then you witness something historical, something you will recall and shudder at the intensity, that is what Malayan Kunju does to you!!!

So, my daughter said, let’s watch something together in our separate laptops, staying put in our separate faraway cities, yet, we could not stop sharing our excitement.

We are in the golden era of Malayalam cinema, she said proudly. I could not but agree, considering how I am asked for recommendations almost on a daily basis by those who perhaps never looked beyond their mother tongue.

What an incredible country we live in, what cultural variety, what linguistic plurality, India truly is a mosaic of many colors and many emotions, I realize again why I chose to stay on, despite being told on and off about chances of a decent living standard abroad.

Well! I like it here!

A true thriller!

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