Love, said she

Love, find me now

in the throes of living

not when I am in the pyre burning

nor when I am snoring senile

find me now when I am breathing

thirsting too for life and love

asking the universe of goodness

‘where do you hide it, I see it not’

find me singing songs delirious

find me chasing pebbles down

a rainy street among the street dogs

smiling at a random flower blooming

or a hope that is awakening

a dream that will take shape maybe

love, reach me in time

in times when countries and continents are shrinking

when hopes and dreams are struggling to stay alive

love, said she, cheerfully giggling

join me in finding small little joys of living

watching the sky blue and shining

the clouds fluffy and floating

the crickets singing nay chanting

sacred mantras of the night

for lonely hearts to fall asleep in good company

and the twittering birds calling out

weary eyes to a bright happy morning

saying perhaps this is too is love, know it, live it, now and evermore.

PS: To friends, Padma and others!


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