Of being inclusive

I stay in an apartment complex. It is festival season, people are streaming in and out of homes. As a working woman, I am mostly engaged with reading or writing, sometimes studying.

When the Ganesha festival comes along, I too like others share the cost and do my bit. Yet, when it is time to go for the celebration, time to join the milieu I am lost, I am unable to step out.

I am conscious of my single status, and dread entering a group of happy families. I remember how I felt lost last time when I had ventured out.

I am wondering is it the same for every single person. Are they always seen with animosity and doubt?

My friend advises me to develop thick skin, perhaps that is what I should do… is it not too late now…anyways… I am thankful I work in a city, and know for sure it is even more terrible in the smaller towns or villages.

If a well to do single woman can be made to feel ostracized, what would the widows in yester years have faced? Surely, in some parts of the country, they still have to face indescribable humiliation.

But, seriously, it has been only a few years since I started to enjoy festivals, even if I don’t partake in celebrations. I spent many years dreading any sort of festival, travel, family gatherings etc. I knew I would be verbally abused and would shrink within for no fault of mine.

This then is the lesser evil, nay, it is freedom, it is joy, it is celebration of the self, of the courage to make it on your own, so what if some of those who are ignorant and insensitive rub it in sometimes, I know how far I have come and I truly, sincerely, happily rejoice at that.

Life is good, its great, just that I have to adjust my your lens sometimes.

Cheers to all singles out there!!!

You rock, so do I!


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