Miracles do happen!

Working on a Saturday is not one’s of my deepest desires, but a compulsion which you succumb to after much hesitation, especially when your throat is aching badly and when 3/4 th of your colleagues are off duty, only because the fear of a pay cut looms large!

So, I walked to the car pool stop, dragging my feet like a kid, remembering lines from The Seven Ages of ‘As You Like It’, the school boy dragging his feet like a snail or something to this effect, I was still mid way, looking for a pebble or two to brighten me up when a scooter stopped nearby.

‘(And then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school

The lady asked, ‘Can I drop you to the bus stop?’. I said, Why? I mean!!!

She said, ‘You are not well?’

‘I have fever,’ I said.

‘Take leave’, she said.

‘Have to go, no leave’ , I said.

‘Come, let me drop you’!

I looked askance, but gratefully accepted the offer, wondering at this sudden munificence from heavens.

‘Your name?’

‘Priyanka’, she replied.

‘You stay in the same apartment’, I asked.

‘Yes, ‘ She turned and rode off as I was left basking in the glow of a good deed that came my way on a rather tired morning.

Walking in and out of my apartment, I have been hesitant to make friends, perhaps this was a sign to change that!

What Signs! Eh! I asked the universe.

And there was silence.

Ps: Thank universe for small joys of living


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