Bonus of life

Life is a bonus now, yes, at least two generations ago, living till 60 was good enough, 40 was the final climb down of active living, times have changed since then and new opportunities to age gracefully and actively are now available.

But the fact still remains that one can simply be happy about life itself, the opportunity to breathe, the chances to work, earn, love, understand and be understood then should be a boon, more than a boon, the divine ‘manna’ itself!

When I make friends today, have great experiences, experience kindness, feel impressed or receive or be able to give compliments, I know for sure that it is a gift, a token of gratitude has to now raise of my heart and a general sense of happiness has to envelope me, because you see, life is a bonus, any chance to experience it is a rare gift, and it indeed is.

So, well! relax, breathe well, stay happy, embrace life, love, friendship, adventure, learning, observations and anything that raises the quality of living because remember life is a bonus, living, a gift from god himself, so stay humble, express gratitude for the very breath of life.

In such a state of extended stay, would there be any need to break down at human excesses, inhuman stupidities, indifferences arising out of ignorance, so called high handedness, unwanted expressions of ‘love’, ‘sympathy’, ‘material promises’ and other immaterial stuff, generally not so genuine, because mind you, to show real care, all it takes to be available to talk and listen, isn’t it???? and how rare is that really, hmmmm…. but yes, the question is , do we need to break our heart, head, and go mindlessly insane over others’ insanities, no, there really is no need to do that, to lose your sense over the insensitivity of others, so what is left then but to observe life nonchalantly, cruise through joys and sorrows alike, and enjoy the ringside view of living.

Cheers to gratitude, that which grounds the soul and helps the heart to grow in compassion to self and others.

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