Subira- A Film Review

I watched Subira’s magical bond with water in awe. I remembered how I was told that my spirit animal is a water buffalo and it seemed quite right to me, because often have the waters called me to their depths, inviting me to immerse myself quietly deeply.

Particularly though my visit to a river recently and the quiet one hour I spent in the water immersed and at peace, feeling as if my very being was being cleansed of accumulated dirt of years of misplaced guilt, misunderstood, unappreciated self seemed to be cleansed by the flowing water and her quiet grace, the blue sky looking on and the dancing bamboo listening in .

Subira’s story is the story of every woman who tries to assert herself, and discover and embrace parts of her personality that help her stay is a state of joy.

As simple as it looks, this is probably the most arduous, the most audacious of activities a young married woman could embark upon, yet, when Subira does it and is eventually accepted and even celebrated for her courage, a ray of hope rises in your heart….

We all know how this cannot be the end, the mere act of swimming is a life time achievement for Subira, it is true for so many of women out there and this has to change!

Own your bliss


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